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    Stacey Morton

    Two weeks ago I had an endoscopic lumbar disectomy performed by Dr. Hasan. I am almost 100% feeling better thanks to him and have barley no pain today at all compared to the horrific pain I was dealing with for at least 6 months prior to my surgery . I was on so many pain meds it was getting out of ...
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    Geoff Colton

    I went to Dr. Hasan after suffering from sciatica for several years. We tried several things short of major surgery; some helped, but not enough. I ultimately decided to have spinal fusion surgery and the result has been excellent. It's been about 3 months, the sciatica is gone, and any residual bac...
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    Kip Anderson

    Like so many others on this site, my pain was constant and debilitating and getting worse. Dr. Hassan thought there might be a couple of sources, but the most critical was a cyst pressing on a nerve near L-4/L-5. He performed endoscopic spine surgery six weeks ago and scraped away the cyst. Day 1 af...
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    I came to Dr. Hasan in excruciating pain, from a ruptured L4/L5 disc following a fall. Dr. Hasan and his team not only got me in for minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery as quickly as possible (within weeks), they've been exceptionally kind, accommodating, and communicative throughout the ent...
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    Courtney De Santiago

    Dr. Hasan has made a huge difference in my husband's life. I am very grateful to him. My husband has been in pain for the last 7-8 years - C6/C7 - 2 level impingement with pain radiating down his right arm (tingling/numbness constantly). After seeing Dr. Hasan and hearing the confidence that he had ...
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    Jesse Mims

    Dr. Hasan and his staff hv made me feel very comfortable going into my 1st ever spine surgery assuring me with "this is what I do" as if his name is the Michael Jordan of spine surgeons. I've had zero complications or pain other than the natural healing process tht takes time! Again thank you Dr. Ha...
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    Larry Matsumura

    I have been to numerous orthopedic doctors for my back and found the Dr. Hasan was the most professional, knowledgeable and patient doctor. He explained everything so I could understand, and was generous with his time. He has a welcoming personality and I had a great outcome with my surgery. I reall...
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    Letrisha S.

    Dr. Hasan has to be one of my top three favorite doctors. He's a great Orthopedics and he cares about his patients. My minor surgery was what it suppose to be...minor. It healed nice and clean.
    By the way...his has a pristine dress code above any professional doctor I have ever seen in my lif...
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    Christine Rios

    I have never encountered a doctor, let alone a cervical spine surgeon that showed as much care and concern for me, as Doctor Hasan. When diagnosed with 4 herniated discs I was referred to the only 2 cervical surgeons within the Golden State Orthopedics/Walnut Creek facility that they had (OR SO I TH...
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    Jim Crowley

    Dr. Saqib Hasan did a great job of surgery on my lower back. I had pinched nerves in three areas of my lower back.

    Dr. Hasan did a less invasive type of surgery (using cameras) and following the surgery the pain in my lower back was gone.

    I had a very quick recovery and...

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