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    Mr Zee

    Dr. Hasan preformed endoscopic spine surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel fantastic! Dr. Hasan and staff, especially Kyle, treated me like I was important. They listened and cared about how I was feeling.
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    Kathleen Fazakerly

    Prior to my endoscopic spine surgery, I considered my quality of life to be poor. At my first appointment, Dr. Hasan assured me that he could help restore my ability to function and be pain free. At three months post op, I am doing great. I am 72 years old and happy to have my life back. Thank yo...
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    Mehran Habibi

    Dr. Hasan is a thoughtful, helpful and gracious person, as well as a great physician. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions both before and after my surgery, and I highly recommend him. You will know not only does he have your back, but with his superb surgical skills he will ...
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    I been lucky to be treated by Dr Hasan for the last 2 years. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about his field. He performed endoscopic spine surgery on my spine as well and helped fix some major issues I was having. Whenever I see him, he really takes time to listen to my issues and doe...
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    Jacov M

    We were very lucky to find doctor Hassan to work with us my husband had a very serious injury to his neck that required A.C.D.F 4 levels. This requires a 6 hour surgery and of course is very sensitive and worrisome free some since. It is such a sensitive area of the body And so many things could g...
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    Dr. Hasan did a great job with my L4/L5 surgery to allevate the pain I have been suffering from for many years. He is very professional, kind, took the time to explain to me the procedure he was going to do and answers my post-op questions. I look forward to a pain free back now. Thank you so very m...
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    Jazmine Bustillo

    I went to see Dr. Hasan to discuss severe back pain I've been struggling with for a few years. After explaining my symptoms to Dr. Hasan, he suggested I get an X-ray and an MRI. During my follow-up visit to discuss the results, Dr. Hasan clearly explained my disc degeneration diagnosis and gave me o...
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    Nicholas Dobransky

    Working with Dr. Hasan and team was easy and painless for my L5-S1 endoscopic lumbar discectomy. My disc herniation was pressing on the S1 nerve was causing severe muscle weakness, cramping in the calf, and numbness from hamstring to foot. The immediate experience after the discectomy procedure wa...
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    Zachary Mall

    When I was 31, I herniated my L5/S1. I did two months of physical therapy, had two epidural steroid injections (not fun) and took Aleve/Tylenol 2x day for four months. I found Dr. Hasan and he recommended endoscopic spine surgery for the 10mm herniation. Not only was his office staff kind but the ge...
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    Baski J

    My wife went through a period of Sciatica Nerve Pain for ~6 months, of which the last 2 months the nerve pain became persistent & totally intolerable (~8 or 9 in the pain scale). She was consumed by this pain & hardly able to think/do anything at all. The MRI report showed significant pronation of ...

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