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  • How to Keep Your Spine Happy While Working or Learning at Home

    Whether you're the parent of a young student who is learning remotely this fall or a student yourself – or you're working from home – understanding ways to minimize your spine injury risk is essential.

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  • Causes and Treatment of Swayback Posture

    Swayback posture is a particular type of poor posture that often leads to lower back pain. People who exhibit swayback posture have exaggerated curves in their spine, forward-tilting hips, and the appearance of leaning back when standing.

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  • Augmented Reality for Spinal Surgery

    Spinal surgery is a last resort when medications and non-surgical treatments are not working. The surgery itself must be precise to get the best outcomes. Now there’s a new FDA-approved augmented reality device that’s helping surgeons have a more accurate and faster surgery—translating to a better recovery for patients.

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  • How to choose the best mattress for sciatica

    People with sciatica need a mattress that supports their back and does not irritate the sciatic nerve and cause more pain. This article reviews 10 of the best mattresses for people with sciatica.

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  • Back-pain patients taking opioid painkillers produce anti-opioid antibodies

    University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists have discovered that a majority of back-pain patients they tested who were taking opioid painkillers produced anti-opioid antibodies. These antibodies may contribute to some of the negative side effects of long-term opioid use.

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