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    DR. HASAN...

    Got Me In For Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery... My Quality Of Life Has Been Restored Entirely Thanks To This Surgery And I Would Recommend Dr. Hasan To Anyone Needing Spinal Surgery..."

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    Steve G

    My long-standing leg pain has been completely eliminated, and I am again able to walk for miles with zero discomfort. So would I recommend Dr. Hasan as a spinal specialist absolutely, with no hesitation!"
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    Kir S

    Dr. Hasan sets the gold standard in medicine! He is absolutely phenomenal! First, he deeply cares for his patients and takes the time to build a treatment plan that is right for each individual. I really appreciate that he educates, empowers, and partners with patients on their health journeys - pro...
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    Harry P

    I had suffered from chronic back pain for three years. I tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc., before being referred to Dr. Hasan for consultation. Dr. Hasan and his staff were consistently supportive, informative, and professional. Dr. Hasan offers excellent educational materi...
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    Zainab S

    Dr. Hassan's exceptional services truly exceeded my expectations. From our initial visit to the post-operative phase. His commitment to thoroughness, empathy, and excellence has set an incredible standards. His meticulous approach during consultations instilled confidence, and the genuine empathy he...
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    Chet G

    Dr. Hasan was excellent from start to finish. He explained everything clearly and confidently and delivered on what he said. His team was also excellent with Lester doing a great job of support.

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    John R. Jan

    Doctor Saqib Hasan is truly a miracle worker. I had severe lower back pain where my L4-L5 nerve roots were causing a pinching pain shooting down to my right ankle. I could barely sit, sleep and was crawling due to the severe pain that I had. After seeing Doctor Saqib Hasan for surgery, I have never ...
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    N S

    Dr Hasan performed back surgery on my husband in January 2023. He had previously had numerous shots to deal with the pain of a pinched nerve. Dr Hasan recommended the minimally invasive procedure called OptiLIF, or as he called it a "sandbag". The product is inserted into the disc area and then fill...
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    Chris C

    Dr. Hasan and PA Lester are absolutely amazing!! I was suffering from an aggressive pinched nerve (C5 - C6). From the beginning of my first appointment and to this present date, they both have been extremely attentive, compassionate, supportive and caring. Both doctors attempted every possible treat...
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    Maria M

    Dr. Hasan is an amazing surgeon. He performed endoscopic spinal surgery on my cervical spine on June 2023. He replaced 3 of my discs with titanium discs and added a plate and 4 screws to assist with fusion in my neck. My incision looks amazing at the 3 month mark as he used a horizontal approach. It...

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