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    Ngozi Eze

    Dr Saqib Hasan helped me with my back pain, with minimal invasive surgery. He took his time to explain my back/spine problem after looking into my MRI and X-RAYS. He answered all my questions very clear. Suggested treatment options, step by step. My surgery was successful and am feeling much better....
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    Jack LeWinter

    Top quality medical attention and care for my endoscopic spine surgery. Dr. Hasan is a rock star
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    Todd Mork

    Dr. Hasan is an excellent Dr and surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and detailed. During my first visit he immediately identified an issuer that was missed by my previous Dr. His car after surgery has been just as excellent.
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    Albie Weiss

    Dr. Hasan if very knowledgeable and approachable and competent. I've had 2 endoscopic spine surgery procedures with him and my mobility and freedom from pain were immediate. The recovery was quick free of complications and I barely have any scars from the arthroscopic surgery he performed on me. ...
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    Jessica Dove

    Dr Hasan was able to diagnose what was causing my back/leg pain for the last year that another doctor missed. I am two days out from my epidural which he performed with no real discomfort. If the epidural does not provide relief, I will be going back to him for an ALIF procedure, which I think he ...
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    Joel Casey

    I herniated a disk at L4-5 last summer and have been in constant pain ever since. I read every book about fixing backs and tried every conservative approach to avoid the dreaded back surgery. After making zero progress with physical therapy and chiropractors, I started researching spine specialists ...
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    Gary Egkan

    I had a significant herniation of the L4-L-5 disc; after reviewing the MRI with three doctors, I decided to go with Dr. Hasan and his minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. Wow - I 100% made the correct choice as the pain was minimal, and gone by the 3rd day. I had the same surgery 17 years ag...
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    Comi Lee

    If you have spine issues and are fortunate enough to have Dr Saqib Hasan as a surgeon, you are in great hands. He is consistent and confident in his work. My sciatica caused by a cyst and compression L4-L5 is but a memory now. I couldn’t be more pleased. Dr Hasan did a lumbar laparoscopic surg...
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    Darcy Sansoni

    I have had two previous back Discectomy surgeries both were successful but I just had my third Discectomy with Dr.Hassan and what a difference in my recover time and getting back to normal with out any pain. Great experience !
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    Ramona Lull

    Dr. Hasan is awesome..I came to him in April suffering from sciatica and lower back pain… in May he performed an endoscopic Neurotomy.. I am so glad I did the procedure.. My quality of life is so much better now and I have hardly any pain.. I highly recommend him.

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