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    Joshua M. Meneses

    For many months I had struggled with back and leg pain that caused me many sleepless nights. The nightmare came to a close the day that I underwent endoscopic spine surgery performed by the brilliant Dr. Hasan. With the pain gone, I felt like he gave me my life back. The recovery was non existent a...
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    Jordan Giang

    Endoscopic spine surgery is not a field you want anyone operating on you. Dr Hasan is a true expert in this field and he really helped my mom. She had shooting pain down her legs and it is completely gone after the surgery! He was very open to non-invasive approaches and only recommended endoscopi...
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    John Scivally

    Dr. Hasan is an excellent doctor and easy to speak with.
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    Peggy Bee

    I am so incredibly grateful for Dr Hasan and his PA Diana McCafferty. The endoscopic spine surgery feels like an actual miracle for me. I was highly anxious due to this being my very first surgery. Both Doctor Hasan and Diana were patient, kind, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. I highly...
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    Elena Sanchez

    I had suffered back pain for a long time, not knowing how serious it was until I could barely walk. Last year, I worked with Dr. Saqib Hasan, who performed endoscopic spine surgery on my back. I was a bit concerned about the risks of the surgery, but after talking with Dr. Hasan, I felt confident th...
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    Puni Nagpal

    Dr. Hasan was very caring and patient. He spent a lot of time going over the options for surgery and was clear with the care plan. He was well-spoken and professional. We felt very comfortable with him as our surgeon.
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    Mohammad Ali

    Dr Hasan turned out to be a magician for me, post surgery with zero pain, got my life back. Way to go in his career for Dr Hasan
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    Mr Zee

    Dr. Hasan preformed endoscopic spine surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel fantastic! Dr. Hasan and staff, especially Kyle, treated me like I was important. They listened and cared about how I was feeling.
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    Kathleen Fazakerly

    Prior to my endoscopic spine surgery, I considered my quality of life to be poor. At my first appointment, Dr. Hasan assured me that he could help restore my ability to function and be pain free. At three months post op, I am doing great. I am 72 years old and happy to have my life back. Thank yo...
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    Mehran Habibi

    Dr. Hasan is a thoughtful, helpful and gracious person, as well as a great physician. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions both before and after my surgery, and I highly recommend him. You will know not only does he have your back, but with his superb surgical skills he will ...

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