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Jordan Giang

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    Endoscopic spine surgery is not a field you want anyone operating on you. Dr Hasan is a true expert in this field and he really helped my mom. She had shooting pain down her legs and it is completely gone after the surgery! He was very open to non-invasive approaches and only recommended endoscopic spine surgery when all else failed.

    Most importantly, this is a doctor who will respond to your emails personally; prescribe drugs over the weekend and after hours when you are in need, call you personally when you request by email. He was there for my mom's recovery every step of the way!

    Most orthopedic surgeons have an ego that is not tolerable by many; Dr Hasan is the complete opposite! If you need help with your spine, look no further than Dr Hasan. I highly recommend this doctor.

    Thank you again Dr Hasan.

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