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Elena Sanchez

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    I had suffered back pain for a long time, not knowing how serious it was until I could barely walk. Last year, I worked with Dr. Saqib Hasan, who performed endoscopic spine surgery on my back. I was a bit concerned about the risks of the surgery, but after talking with Dr. Hasan, I felt confident that I needed the surgery to have a better, pain-free life. My experience with the scheduling process was easy, for Dr. Hasan’s office took care of that process. They emailed me instructions on what to expect before and after the surgery. The painkillers’ instructions were impressive.
    I can happily say that I recovered very quickly and with minimal pain; however, I was closely supervised by Dr. Hasan, who I saw regularly and encouraged me about taking care of myself, the recovery therapy, and following his instructions. It has already been 14 months since I had the surgery, and I do not have pain; I am almost back to my usual self. I have to say that the service at the Golden State Orthopedics and Spine is excellent. Dr. Hasan and his team are super! They are very considerate and caring for their patients. They helped me with all the paperwork my employer and the EDD required.
    Dr. Hasan was personable, competent, committed, compassioned, and empathetic to my concerns and situation. I like to ask questions; Dr. Hasan was straightforward but never condescending or arrogant. He gave me information online to get more details of the procedure so I could make the right decision; I never felt pushed. Dr. Hasan inspired me with his optimism; he is selfless, skillful, trustworthy, vigilant, and wise. I am pleased with the surgery results. I recommend Dr. Hasan without reservations for any back issues.

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