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    In October 2021, I was a 72 year old man who played softball, walked daily, practiced yoga and did yardwork. One day, after a long drive down the coast, I could barely walk. That was the start of sciatica, with tingling, numbness and pain from my right hip to right foot, and the end of all physical activity.
    A few days later, I went to GSOS for an X-ray and MRI of my lower back. The images showed bone spurs and a herniated disc at L2-L3. Over the next five months, two epidural injections, physical therapy and prescriptions did little to relieve the increasingly painful symptoms.
    In March 2022, a physician referred me to Dr. Hasan. His goal was better than pain management; he wanted to restore my quality of life. His first step was an epidural injection in April. The sciatica symptoms quickly subsided. Dr. Hasan then suggested that I resume my normal physical activities in moderation.
    In November, after some light yardwork, all the pain returned. A new MRI in December showed the herniated disc was much worse. Another epidural provided no relief. Dr. Hassan said endoscopic spine surgery was the only treatment option.
    In January 2023, Dr. Hasan performed two endoscopic procedures: a laminectomy (removal of the bone spurs) and a discectomy (removal of the herniated disc material). In addition, Dr Hasan performed an optional procedure known as amniotic membrane treatment. It was an injection of amniotic material at the site of the herniation. According to studies, this treatment reduces the possibility of re-herniation at that site. The endoscopic procedures were an immediate and total success. I have had no sciatica symptoms or pain since the surgery.
    Dr. Hasan is a wonderful physician. He has a natural talent for surgery that has been enhanced by specialized training and considerable experience. His busy schedule made some of my appointments with him brief, but he had prepared for every visit and was ready to recommend the next treatment step. Equally important, he was interested in me as a person, not merely a patient with a problem.

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