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    Chantael Costello

    This doctor right here goes beyond to take care of my needs with lower back pain. I was injured on the job ultimately needing L3 L4 fusion. He performed XLIF and I'm doing great from the outcome of this type of surgery. I have bursitis in my right hip do to the injury impact he is currently helping ...
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    Brian DeGrego

    DR Hasan Performed my 6th spinal Surgery, using perfected minimally invasive Surgery. I was able to go home same day, from the 6th Spinal Surgery DR Hasan performed: A miracle compared to the 5 previous Spinal Surgeries on my SPINE.
    Added Bonus DR Hasan brings and infectious energy Making g...
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    John Coyle

    I really appreciated Dr. Hasan's help with my back problems. He is very caring and informative. He took the time to explain exactly what happened to me and had very thoughtful recommendations on how to fix the problem in the short term, as well as prevent it from recurring in the future. I've been f...
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    Ladies and gentleman my name is timothy hutchinson i am a patient of doctor hassan i recieved a total disc replacement. prior to my disc reolacement i had pt injections and other surgeries i want people to know that the disc replacement has changed my life i literally can do anything i used to be ab...
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    Dr. Hasan gave me my life back! I suffered from lower back pain for at least 3 years, and I tried everything from injections to drugs to acupuncture-- and nothing helped. I could walk for about 5 minutes before it got too painful, and then I'd have to sit. Needless to say, dog walks were taking f...
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    Kausar Kherani

    Dr Hasan was very caring. He discussed my problems professionally and guided me to get the best options that would help me to reduce my chronic back pain
    He was very efficient in getting the office to get me the referrals I needed .
    I respect him and would recommend him strongly
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    Norma LaBat

    I am a patient of Dr. Hasan who had a Spondylolisthesis Lumbar Region. Dr. Hasan is a great orthopedic Doctor. Patient, friendly and a excellent explainer of my surgery prognosis.
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    George LEITMANN

    Dr. Saqib Hasan was the surgeon who performed the operation following
    my fracturing a hip bone, His great skill resulted in returning this 96 year
    old to a condition equaling the pre-accident one. Dr. Hasan is a kind and
    caring physician who accomplished this while minimizing ...
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    Nancy S

    Impressive credentials and medical training, but more importantly very professional, knowledgeable, personable and to the point. I felt in good care, that my concerns were heard and addressed. I liked Dr Hasan very much!
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    Ben Davis

    I was referred to Dr Hassan after injuring my back at work. After a successful epidural to aid the nerve pain I was experiencing we were able to get a RFA procedure approved that should give me long term relief. I'm about 5 weeks past the procedure and the results are nothing short of miraculous. Ca...

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